How to care for your pearl jewellery

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Whether your preference is gold, silver or pearls, jewellery always needs proper maintenance to ensure that it lasts the test of time. Here are some tips to ensure your jewellery stays sparkling and in good condition for longer.


As pearls are naturally formed, they are very delicate and can scratch easily so it is best to keep them separated from other jewellery. They do not react well with chemicals found in perfume, creams, hairspray and make up therefore it is best to put pearls on last and avoid spraying perfume on the neck area. To clean pearls, wipe them down gently with a soft damp cloth each time you take them off. A natural soap solution is ok to use if they start to lose their original look. In addition, wiping them with a silk cloth can enhance their shine and lustre. Wearing pearls is actually the best way to keep them in good condition as they appreciate the natural moisture.


Silver jewellery can naturally tarnish with excessive exposure to the environment therefore it is important to keep it in good condition for as long as possible. Avoid wearing silver when doing dishes or when swimming as chlorine, salt and bleach can speed up the tarnishing process. Also, try to avoid smothering your silver in creams, perfumes and hair products as this can also damage it. A soft cloth can be used to wipe down your silver and a salt water solution removes tarnish effectively.


Gold is naturally too soft to wear as jewellery therefore it is often alloyed with other metals. Like silver, it can tarnish easily so good maintenance is essential to keep gold jewellery shining. The best way to clean gold is to add a little washing up liquid to a bowl of water and wipe down with a soft cloth. However, ammonia solutions can be used as a last resort to remove tarnish. Try not to do this too often as it can damage your jewellery.

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