How to Match Jewellery to an Outfit

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Accessorising can make the most casual outfit stand out, especially if the right mix of jewellery is worn. Many find it difficult to accessorise with jewellery; some wear too much, some wear too little. Whether you prefer classic pearls or glamorous gold, here are some tips on matching your jewellery collection to your wardrobe.

Pearl Jewellery

Pearls can be very versatile and can be worn with work outfits, day outfits and evening wear. Sophisticated businesswomen look great in high quality, large pearls to add a touch of glamour to your regular work attire. Add a feminine touch to a trouser suit by pinning on a classic pearl brooch to your jacket or wearing a long pearl necklace. Smaller pearls look great with classic evening wear so go for a necklace and matching pearl bracelet. For cocktail parties, go for a pearl and gold cocktail ring and match with pearl drop earrings. You can also wear pearls with your casual outfits. Try a long, single strand pearl necklace when wearing casual jeans and boots.

Gold and Silver

Many people are still unsure which colours match gold and silver or what kind of jewellery looks best with different skin tones. Gold jewellery looks great against warm tones such as browns, whites, creams, pinks and reds whereas silver looks best against cooler tones such as blue, black, purple and grey. Look through your wardrobe and decide which colours are most prominent. This will give you an idea whether to go for gold or silver jewellery. Two matching pieces of jewellery, such as a fine gold necklace and bracelet, works well for a special event or occasion whereas one chunky, bold piece is great for casual wear.

If you prefer to add a pop of colour, go for jewellery with a bright coloured stone such as a cocktail ring or vintage necklace. Pearls now come in various colours too, so try out different shades against your outfits and your skin to see which colours work best on you.


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