• Pearl Care

    Pearl Care

    Pearls need a great deal of maintenance to ensure they retain their lustre and beauty due to their soft composition. Pearls that are worn regularly can experience damage caused by acids in the skin. This can cause pearls to lose their lustre and shape. It is advisable to clean your pearls with a soft cloth after each use to help slow this process. Pearls can be damaged by cosmetics and perfumes and heat can change their colour and cause them to fracture.

    When cleaning your pearls, special care must always be taken to use a jewellery cleaner that is specifically safe for cleaning pearls. An ultrasonic or a steam cleaner should never be used to clean pearls along with detergent, bleaches or baking soda. Pearls should be cleaned with a soft cloth and never with something abrasive like a toothbrush. You should remove your pearls when applying any hairspray, perfume or cosmetics and when showering or swimming. If your pearls should become wet, wait from them to dry before wearing as this can attract dirt and bacteria. You should make sure your pearls are restrung at least once a year so that the risk of breakage is reduced.

    Compared to other gemstones and precious metals pearls are relatively soft. It is important to take special care of your pearls to ensure they will remain bright and beautiful for long time.

    Always keep your pearls separated from other jewellery to prevent your pearls from being scratched by it. Pearls are best kept in a soft, cloth pouch.

    If you wear your pearls very often it is best to take them for restrung about every six months to prevent strand breaks.