• Pearl Restringing Service

    At the customer’s request we can repair pearl jewellery. Every necklace is strung manually on a silk thread. All pearl necklaces sent for repair are cleaned FREE of charge. We can also repair necklaces made from other materials, such as wood, bones or crystals. Some of these materials have sharp edges and it is impossible to string them on a silk thread so we string them on a nylon-coated wire.

    We recommend to restringing pearls every year or so but if you wear your jewellery every day you will have to get them restrung after couple months. Even if you care for your pearls well, eventually string gets weaker, dirt and grease gets between pearls.

    All repairs we sent back only RM Special Delivery.

    Our company has many years experience in stringing pearls, we are fast and we give high quality service.

    If you send us your necklace/bracelet to be repaired:

    • Make sure you know the number and type of pearls as well as the fastening attached to the necklace.
    • Add a description and a photograph of the sent necklace/bracelet in order to avoid misunderstandings.
    • Add repair instructions, i.e. shortening, extending, knotted (with knots between each pearl) or plain (without knots).

    If no description has been attached or if the attached description is inaccurate we will contact you by phone or email.