• Pearl Shape

    Pearl Shapes

    Pearls come in a wide variety of different shapes and will vary in price according to the shape you desire. Round pearls are the most popular of pearl shapes and often are the most expensive to buy. Round pearls are rarely found in the wild and are hardly ever perfect spheres. Pearls tend to change shape the longer they spend inside the oyster or mussel. Round wild pearls have often spent a minimal time inside the mollusc. Off-round pearls tend to have a slightly flattened shape although they may still look spherical and are much more common than round pearls.

    Pearl Shape

    Button pearls are normally found created in multitude inside one mollusc and tend to be round on one side and flat on the other. These are perfect for buttons. Drop pearls are teardrop or pear shaped. The drop of the pearl can be elongated or short depending on the pearls proportions. Drop pearls make excellent earrings. Baroque pearls are pearls of a non-symmetrical and an irregular shape and account for most natural wild pearls. Some pearls can develop with grooves and rings. These pearls are known as ringed pearls. Ringed pearls are often found in round and oval shapes.