8mm Pink Pearl Necklace


Pearl size: 8-8,5mm

Clasp: Sterling Silver with CZ

Pearl colour: Pink


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Product Description

A pearl necklace is such a romantic gift, the creamy surface of the pearl offsetting the skin to perfection. This pink pearl necklace is even more special, with the flawless pink 8-8,5mm pearls all matched beautifully and strung on silk, knotted between each pearl and finished with a beautiful silver and cubic zirconia ball clasp. The delicate beauty of this pink pearl necklace makes it ideal as a gift for special romantic occasions such as anniversaries (the thirtieth anniversary is pearl), engagements or weddings. There could be no lovelier gift than this necklace on the birth of a baby girl.

Pearls are made to be worn and gain lustre from being against the skin, but when they are put away they need a little protection from the rest of the jewellery in a box or drawer. For this reason, this necklace comes complete with a protective travel bag to keep them safe when on the move. You certainly wouldn’t want to leave these pearls behind when on holiday and with the protective bag you don’t have to worry about getting them scratched. At our very reasonable prices, this pink pearl necklace is something that you can wear and enjoy at work and in the evenings; a really wearable and classic piece of jewellery that will not date.


When you buy from M H Pearl Jewellery, you are guaranteed the very best quality at the most amazingly low prices. We do not just retail jewellery, we also repair and restring pearls – pearls are our passion and we hope that our customers soon feel the same way about them too. There are sadly a lot of fakes on the market and so we are particularly proud to be able to give a certificate of authenticity with every purchase. As soon as you open your pearl jewellery packaging we know that there can be no doubt as to whether the pearls are real or not – the moonlight gleam can’t be faked – but a certificate is our extra promise to you.

You also want to present your gift well and also to care for your pearls after giving, so we are also pleased to be able to give a presentation case with every purchase. Pearls need a little more care in storage, especially if you have a lot of rings and necklaces with genuine stones, all of which are harder than pearls, which are a natural product from the oyster, rather than mined. The case will protect them as well as being a special part of present giving – the anticipation before opening and then the delight as the lid flips back are all part of the pleasure.


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