• Terms & conditions

    1.      M H Pearl Jewellery operate only via the Internet and do not receive personal visitors.

    2.      Orders can be placed in the shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by website:www.mhpearljewellery.co.uk.

    An order will be processed if the customer:

    • Registers at the website.
    • Fills in the Order Form available on our website or provides our consultant with all the necessary information.
    • Pays for the ordered products using one of the available methods of payment.

    3.      The ordered goods will be prepared for dispatch when:

    • Payment is transferred to the shop’s bank account if the customer decides to pay by bank transfer.
    • Payment by credit card has been authorized if the customer decides to pay by credit card.
    • Payment is transferred to the bank account if the customer decides to pay by cheque.

    4.      M H Pearl Jewellery uses industry standard SSL (secure socket layer) technology to provide secure payment transactions. This facility is provided by Worldpay, a recognised leader in providing encrypted and safe transfer of credit, debit or charge card details.

    5.      The order will be confirmed within 1 working day.

    6.      The customer will be notified about acceptance of his/her order and the date of dispatch by email sent to the address provided in the Order Form.

    7.      Ordered goods are dispatched on weekdays.

    8.      Goods ordered on Saturdays and Sundays are dispatched on Mondays.

    9.      Goods are subject to specific availability.

    10.  If the customer places an order for goods of different availability, the order will be processed after the date of completion of the ordered goods has been agreed with the customer.

    11.  Once the shop has confirmed an order, the price of goods shown next to the goods becomes binding on both parties to the transaction. Other elements of the offer, including the cost of delivery as well as all other terms are binding on both parties once the shop has confirmed the order.

    12.  All prices are in GBP and include 20% of VAT. The shops reserves the right to change the prices of goods on offer as well as to introduce new products to its offer, to launch and cancel promotion campaigns on the website and introduce changes in them.

    13.  M H Pearl Jewellery will make sure that information and descriptions of  the products offered by the shop are true and correct. However, we do not take responsibility for providing incorrect parameters of goods.

    14.  Products ordered in M H Pearl Jewellery shop are delivered by Royal Mail.

    15.  The cost of dispatch is added to the order and included in order confirmation sent to the customer.

    16.  The shop does not take responsibility for delays in the delivery of ordered goods resulting from causes beyond the shop’s control, including delays caused by Royal Mail.

    17.  Every dispatch is accompanied by a cash register receipt.

    18.  All goods available from the shop are new, free from legal and physical defects  and come from reliable suppliers.

    19.  There are no two strings of pearls are alike as they are organic in nature and are put together by hand. By nature, all pearls have defects in them (the less defects, the higher the price generally). Part of the beauty in owning your own handmade silk string of pearls is its unique identifying character and marks. The colour of pearls may also vary slightly due to their nature. Please note the lengths of necklaces are approximate due to their handmade nature.

    20.  Due to hygiene reasons, in keeping with standard industry policy, we cannot accept returns of pierced earrings.

    21.  In every case all goods come with a 6-month warranty (see: Warranty for details)

    22.  The customer has the right to return ordered goods within 30 days from the date of purchase, without providing the reason for such return (see: Return policy for details) to MH PJ, PO Box 267, Evesham, WR11 9BH Worcestershire United Kingdom.

    23.  The refund of the amount corresponding to the price of returned goods is made within 14 days by cheque made out in the customer’s name and sent to the address indicated by the customer.

    24.  By confirming the receipt of goods the customer becomes their owner and acquires the right to use them.

    25.  If the ordered goods are part of a promotional campaign or a sale, orders for such goods will be processed on a first-come first-served basis till all the goods which are part of a promotional campaign or a sale have run out or till the promotional campaign or the sale has been cancelled by the shop.

    26.  Gift Vouchers are excluded from any dicount offers.

    27.  By placing an order with M H Pearl Jewellery the customer accepts the above regulations.

    28.  Our terms and conditions  also include our DeliveryPayment MethodsReturn policy and Warranty .