• Type of Pearls


    Type of Pearls

    Natural Pearls form by themselves, without any human interference.  At present they are very rare, which makes them extremely valuable. They are to be found mostly in crown jewels and ancient jewellery.

    Cultured Akoya Pearls are grown mainly in cold Japanese saltwater.They are perfectly round, their lustre is briliant and their colour is deep. It takes an oyster fron 8 to 24 months to form one pearl.

    Freshwater Cultured Pearls are grown manily in ponds, lakes, rivers and other Chinese freshwater bodies. One mussle can form up to 40 pearls at the same time. These cultured pearls have various shape, size and colour.

    Tahitian Pearls are grown in the waters of French Polynesia. Natural black pearls are extremely rare and cannot be mass-produced. It takes a Tahitian pearl from 22 to 26 months to grow and its size varies between 8 to 18mm (the largest found Pearl measured 25mm). The colour shades of Tahitian pearls incude peacock (the most popular colour), black and silver.

    South Sea Pearls are grown in warm, clean water near Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines. It takes from 20 to 24 months for a South Sea pearl to grow and its size ranges 9 to 20mm. It is normally white, silver, pink gold-coloured.